Black and White- The Photographers Child

Ok, so everyone who knows me, knows i’ve always been such a fan of black and white photos. Most of the images in my house have been printed in black and white. I just love the timeless feel they give to an image. Its simple, and so elegant, and so I decided i’d try something a little different to my usually light, bright and airy images.

This is where my little Zachary, a typical photographers child, comes in. He knows the score, he’s been there plenty of times before. He hates the camera, as soon as I get it out of the bag, he practically runs for the hills or gives me the biggest *not a chance are you getting a smile from me* glare. Brilliant, I always love a challenge. He gave me all of about 3 minutes to capture his attention, and boy did he make me work for a smile. It took me 25 minutes just to get him to sit on the stool- he stood up on the chair, got down about 6 times and tried to make an escape. With his arms firmly crossed, he told me he wasn’t having his picture taken (toddlers are so cooperative, right?). So I just laughed. And laughed. And laughed. He was so confused. What on earth is mummy laughing at, this isn’t funny?

But eventually, he laughed with me. With all the silliness, brought him such happiness. And I finally got that smile, and I love it so much! And now I have not just memories to hang on my wall, but a happy moment to cherish forever.