Top 5 Toy Storage Solutions

Christmas is over, the big man in the red suit who steals all the thunder, has popped over, eaten your mince pies, left a huge stash of toys in your house, and disappeared without even considering where the hell us parents are supposed to actually put them!

Don’t worry, I’m with you. I’m feeling your pain right now. I’ve put them in the wardrobes, the bathroom cupboards, under the sofa; i’ve even considered turning the shower cubicle into a brand new, modern day toy storage unit (yes, its that bad!). When you’re pregnant, buying all the cute little outfits, and the sweet little soft rattles, you don’t consider that your house will one day be turned into a toy shop. And from December 25th onwards, you will just be constantly stepping over teeny tiny little figures that seem to re appear, no matter how many times you put them away, pieces of lego (that god damn lego), and a gazillion cardboard boxes which don’t all fit in the recycling bin. The post Christmas tidy up has got to be worse than the famous ‘spring cleaning’ we are all meant to do around March time.

So I thought I should probably get organised, and try to make my house look less like Toys ‘R’ us, and more like somewhere an adult actually lives their day to day life. I’ve come up with 5 brilliant little storage solutions, in the hope to reclaim my living room and have a little bit of normality in my home once again:

  1. Ikea’s Kallax Storage unit: RRP £30-£130

kallax-shelving-unit-white__0243994_pe383246_s4I absolutely love the Kallax system, and I currently have 3 in my home! This particular one pictured retails in at £39, which is a bargain if you ask me. These are amazing for hiding toys, and there are so many ways you can style it. They come in a huge range of colours, and you can add doors, drawers, cupboards, boxes and more to them, to suit you and your home. They store A LOT in them, with each individual box being very generous in size. These come in various sizes, from 4,  8, or 16 ‘slots’, they really do fit almost anywhere in your house. They dont look like toy storage either, which is great if you’re trying to keep your house slightly more grown up. I’m debating buying another one, just because they are that good!


2. Next Toy Bag: RRP £14



These sturdy fabric bags are perfect for any child’s bedroom. They are huge, and can fit 6 toot-toot drivers sets in, without overflowing (yes, we’ve tried!). They are also perfect for all of the cuddly toys children seem to adopt, and the velcro fastening means it is something that is easily accessed for even the littlest of hands. They have a blue version too, which is priced at £12 (not sure why its cheaper!), but I really can’t recommend these enough!




3. Verbaudet Storage Chest: RRP £49

3x_70501_0412_6349 A modern take on a traditional toy box. Not too big and bulky, and the perfect height for a child. It comes in pink or white, and this is one of many beautiful pieces they have on the website. Its my favourite place to shop for furniture, and the quality is outstanding. I’ve seen my son struggle to reach into toy boxes in the past, but this looks a great size for children to be able to bend over and reach the toys at the bottom (and lets face it, thats always the toy they want, right?). Instead of opening at the top, this has a drawer on wheels for easy access. This is slightly more expensive than my previous storage ideas, but Verbaudet are very good at discounts. When I viewed the website earlier, they had 30% off all full priced items with your first order, and that is not unusual for this company. They are always giving discounts, or free gifts with orders, so its definitely one to keep an eye on!


4. Mothercare KidKraft Nantucket Storage Bench: RRP £119.99

screen-shot-2017-01-01-at-21-37-36I think the KidKraft storage bench is a fab idea to neatly store toys, with a useable seating bench too. It could be used for a variety of things: like in a reading corner, for a quiet space to read, or a place where children can line all of their teddies, dolls or soft toys up neatly and out of the way. It has great reviews all round, and you have the option of white or pastel boxes in pink, blue and yellow- for a gender neutral room.


5. Toys ‘R’ Us HelloHome Star Bright Toy Box Table: RRP £59.99

screen-shot-2017-01-01-at-21-55-25We’ve all been there: Arts and crafts bits just never seem to have a home. It all gets shoved in a kitchen drawer somewhere and is a jumbled mess most of the time. This Toy box Table is GENIUS. The beautiful wooden table is the perfect size for a child, and would look great in any kitchen or play room. It features a pull out lid, where theres a secret hidden area to store toys. And if you have a toddler, who can’t be trusted with pens at accessible height, then how about turning it into a car garage, a train track, or a my little pony paradise. Endless possibilities with this one!


I’m hoping with these suggestions, we can all have our houses looking semi-back to normal very soon. And if in doubt, the local hospital or children’s centre is always looking for toy donations too!

Oh, and if you’re really lucky, and you have a January baby like I do, you’ll get to do it all again next week. I’m going to need more than a toy storage miracle to help me with that one!