Why should I have professional photographs taken?

Having professional photographs is something we all put off. Its something we take advantage of, because we all have so many candid shots of our children, lying around on our smartphones, that we just put it on the list for another day. But those days go by fast, and all of a sudden we realise that we haven’t had any beautiful portraits done in months, sometimes even years, and you cannot get that time back. EVER.

We live in a majorly digital age, where everything is on a computer, hidden away in folders. Forgotten about. We take SO many photos, that we forget to treasure them. We all share on social media daily. But how many of you actually print every image you share? I know I don’t.

And I want that to change. I feel so strongly about showcasing your beautiful children in your home. On the walls, in frames on the sideboards, by the fireplace. I cant begin to explain how important it is the print those photos. Print them BIG! These are our beautiful children, these are our photographs. So we should be able to walk into the living room and see them every single day, and smile because we remember what they once were. A little babe, and feisty toddler, an innocent little one. They grow so unbearably fast, and photographs are the only way to freeze that moment. This is why I wanted to offer some summer baby & toddler sessions, because this is the perfect time to do it. Don’t put it off any longer.I am so thankful to be able to capture Zachary at every stage of his development. It is one of the most important things to me. He is only 3 and a half, and I genuinely forget what it was like to have him as a bouncing little 6 month old. It feels like a lifetime ago. But looking at photographs brings me back to the moment. I look at his happy little face, and remember his devilish little giggle as if it was right next to me.Take the photos, capture the memories. Because before you know it, they’ll have grown so much, and all you will have left to reminisce is that photograph.




Double trouble- My Twin Newborn sessions | Jess Evans Photography | Poole, Dorset

Ahhhhh Twins! They say, its double the work. Double the night feeds. Double the washing. Double the money. And we often hear, double the trouble. But most importantly, twice the love and double the cuddles! Jake and Elliot were my 3rd set of twins to enter the studio, and my goodness, these boys were AMAZING. I fell completely in love with these two as soon as they entered the studio. Completely identical, but very different in their own little ways. Little Jake loved being curled up, whilst Elliot much preferred to make the most of the space he had!

I love working with twins, and I can’t wait to see more of them in the studio this year. I just wanted to share a few images from our session a couple of weeks ago, because they are just gorgeous!


A letter to my son | Jess Evans Photography


Its just gone 7, i’ve finally sat down after what feels like the longest day in history. I’m exhausted. I feel broken. I’m all kinds of stressed. So far, since putting you in your bed, you’ve been out 5 times, and poked that little head round the corner more times than I could count. You think I can’t see you, but I can. You tell me you want just one more ‘squeezy huggle’. You know I need one, you know me better than anyone.

My sweet boy,  I know sometimes I don’t have the time to sit with you and play superheroes. I know sometimes I sneak into the kitchen for five minutes of peace, thinking you wont realise. I know sometimes I get angry, and my patience runs thin, for what may seem to be no reason at all. And I know that hurts you. But I don’t mean it.

Being a parent is hard. Really hard. It’s hard because we are supposed to be the ones who know everything, who can guide you and teach you lessons you’ll need in life to be a better person. We are responsible for bringing you up, and making sure you have the best possible childhood, and choose the right path. We have to do things ‘right’, because we only get one chance. But what is right? How am I meant to know if i’m doing whats best for you? No amount of parenting books, classes and late night googling could ever prepare me for the things you throw at me on a daily basis.

But actually, when I sit and think about it, it is you that is teaching all of the lessons. Not me. You have taught me how to love. How to love unconditionally. Even when the terrible two’s were in full force and instead of being calm in the middle of the supermarket, I just wanted to leave you there and run, I walked you to the car, cuddled you, told you how much I loved you, and apologised for even considering it. And then the threenager hits. For all of the times you’ve shouted at me, and told me you don’t like me anymore, I still hold you tight, and tell you that I will always love you, no matter what. Because I do. You are everything to me. My whole entire world, and I love you unconditionally. When days are tough, and nights are never ending, when I feel like everything and everyone is against me, when I just want time alone to breathe, you are always on my mind. I never stop thinking about you, and I want you to know that I never will. You will always be my little boy. My first born. The person that lifts me up, even on the darkest of days. You are my priority sweet boy, and I’m sorry that I don’t always show you that.

You wont remember me rocking you back and forth, stroking that button nose. You wont remember the times I kissed those little cheeks. You wont remember me holding that little hand, as you walked with me. You wont remember me tickling those little feet, and the sheer happiness on my face as you giggle louder and louder. You wont remember how much you healed me, and showed me how to live. And i know you wont remember how hard I tried. But I will, and I hope one day you’ll know just how much you mean to me.

Being a parent is about learning the strengths you thought you never had, and dealing with the fears you didn’t know existed. Some days you might feel like you’ve failed. Like everything you are doing is wrong. You probably feel a sense of guilt; whether its because you lost your temper, or you don’t feel like you spend enough time at home playing dress up, or because you simply just can’t cope with the stress that is parenthood. We all do. But I can tell you this now, you have not failed. You are a great parent. You can do this, and you are not alone.

So for everything you have taught me, my sweet little boy, thank you. You are special to me, and you are so loved.

Forever and always,

Mummy X


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When should I book my newborn photography session? | Jess Evans Photography | Poole, Dorset

You’ve taken that test, you’ve probably cried a few tears of joy, you’ve had your scans and everything looks perfect. Then the fun begins. You can begin to organise and plan for this new life you’re bringing into your world. You will almost definitely create a ‘to do’ list, of things to purchase, places to visit, appointments to go to (I know mine was as long as my arm!). And booking your newborn photography session should be on that list!

This is a question I get asked all the time: ‘When is best to book in with you for my newborn photography session?’

The answer is, as soon as possible! My diary gets filled up months in advance, and being a newborn photographer, I have to make sure I always have space for those who have booked, which is why I only take on a few newborns each month. These little bundles of gorgeousness do not have a schedule, they are going to come when they are ready. Newborns are totally unpredictable from the get go!

As soon as you’ve had your 20 week scan, please contact me. I can then send you my newborn photography session booklet, which details everything you will really need to know. If you are happy and want to go ahead and book in, all I need is your due date, and a small session deposit to secure your date. That’s it.

E A S Y.

Then once little one makes their arrival, we can schedule your newborn photography session, and you can look forward to creating those beautiful memories you will treasure for years to come. They are only tiny for such a short while, and the ideal age to photograph a newborn is just 10 days old. Remember those tiny little details you’ll one day miss.

If you are pregnant, and looking to book a newborn photographer, don’t leave it too late. Contact me today, and lets capture the most precious moments of you, and your newborn baby, in my relaxing home studio in Poole, Dorset.





Top 5 Toy Storage Solutions

Christmas is over, the big man in the red suit who steals all the thunder, has popped over, eaten your mince pies, left a huge stash of toys in your house, and disappeared without even considering where the hell us parents are supposed to actually put them!

Don’t worry, I’m with you. I’m feeling your pain right now. I’ve put them in the wardrobes, the bathroom cupboards, under the sofa; i’ve even considered turning the shower cubicle into a brand new, modern day toy storage unit (yes, its that bad!). When you’re pregnant, buying all the cute little outfits, and the sweet little soft rattles, you don’t consider that your house will one day be turned into a toy shop. And from December 25th onwards, you will just be constantly stepping over teeny tiny little figures that seem to re appear, no matter how many times you put them away, pieces of lego (that god damn lego), and a gazillion cardboard boxes which don’t all fit in the recycling bin. The post Christmas tidy up has got to be worse than the famous ‘spring cleaning’ we are all meant to do around March time.

So I thought I should probably get organised, and try to make my house look less like Toys ‘R’ us, and more like somewhere an adult actually lives their day to day life. I’ve come up with 5 brilliant little storage solutions, in the hope to reclaim my living room and have a little bit of normality in my home once again:

  1. Ikea’s Kallax Storage unit: RRP £30-£130

kallax-shelving-unit-white__0243994_pe383246_s4I absolutely love the Kallax system, and I currently have 3 in my home! This particular one pictured retails in at £39, which is a bargain if you ask me. These are amazing for hiding toys, and there are so many ways you can style it. They come in a huge range of colours, and you can add doors, drawers, cupboards, boxes and more to them, to suit you and your home. They store A LOT in them, with each individual box being very generous in size. These come in various sizes, from 4,  8, or 16 ‘slots’, they really do fit almost anywhere in your house. They dont look like toy storage either, which is great if you’re trying to keep your house slightly more grown up. I’m debating buying another one, just because they are that good!


2. Next Toy Bag: RRP £14



These sturdy fabric bags are perfect for any child’s bedroom. They are huge, and can fit 6 toot-toot drivers sets in, without overflowing (yes, we’ve tried!). They are also perfect for all of the cuddly toys children seem to adopt, and the velcro fastening means it is something that is easily accessed for even the littlest of hands. They have a blue version too, which is priced at £12 (not sure why its cheaper!), but I really can’t recommend these enough!




3. Verbaudet Storage Chest: RRP £49

3x_70501_0412_6349 A modern take on a traditional toy box. Not too big and bulky, and the perfect height for a child. It comes in pink or white, and this is one of many beautiful pieces they have on the website. Its my favourite place to shop for furniture, and the quality is outstanding. I’ve seen my son struggle to reach into toy boxes in the past, but this looks a great size for children to be able to bend over and reach the toys at the bottom (and lets face it, thats always the toy they want, right?). Instead of opening at the top, this has a drawer on wheels for easy access. This is slightly more expensive than my previous storage ideas, but Verbaudet are very good at discounts. When I viewed the website earlier, they had 30% off all full priced items with your first order, and that is not unusual for this company. They are always giving discounts, or free gifts with orders, so its definitely one to keep an eye on!


4. Mothercare KidKraft Nantucket Storage Bench: RRP £119.99

screen-shot-2017-01-01-at-21-37-36I think the KidKraft storage bench is a fab idea to neatly store toys, with a useable seating bench too. It could be used for a variety of things: like in a reading corner, for a quiet space to read, or a place where children can line all of their teddies, dolls or soft toys up neatly and out of the way. It has great reviews all round, and you have the option of white or pastel boxes in pink, blue and yellow- for a gender neutral room.


5. Toys ‘R’ Us HelloHome Star Bright Toy Box Table: RRP £59.99

screen-shot-2017-01-01-at-21-55-25We’ve all been there: Arts and crafts bits just never seem to have a home. It all gets shoved in a kitchen drawer somewhere and is a jumbled mess most of the time. This Toy box Table is GENIUS. The beautiful wooden table is the perfect size for a child, and would look great in any kitchen or play room. It features a pull out lid, where theres a secret hidden area to store toys. And if you have a toddler, who can’t be trusted with pens at accessible height, then how about turning it into a car garage, a train track, or a my little pony paradise. Endless possibilities with this one!


I’m hoping with these suggestions, we can all have our houses looking semi-back to normal very soon. And if in doubt, the local hospital or children’s centre is always looking for toy donations too!

Oh, and if you’re really lucky, and you have a January baby like I do, you’ll get to do it all again next week. I’m going to need more than a toy storage miracle to help me with that one! 


BANPAS: How important is Newborn safety?

I’ve finally Joined BANPAS (Baby & Newborn Photography Association).

As a newborn and baby photographer, I have to take the safety of my little clients very seriously. It might surprise you to know that the newborn photography industry is completely unregulated. Photographers like me, who take safety seriously, have to take it upon ourselves to be trained and educated on how to ensure the beautiful images we create, are done safely. BANPAS is a wonderful organisation, which guides photographers with various online safety learning features. A newborn and baby photographer does not require to take any training workshops what so ever, but I feel very strongly about this, and have been fully trained in Newborn safety and posing, by the wonderful Russ Jackson, which I believe is essential.

Being a newborn and baby photographer requires a unique set of skills and there is a worldwide organisation that exists to support photographers like me, who want to have access to safety training and resources that we can use to provide clients like you with a better service. I’m delighted to have joined BANPAS (Baby &Newborn Photography Association) –

Parents and parents to be, please do visit their website if you get a chance, they have SO much information http://www.banpas.co.uk/banpasforparents.

You will be able to find me on their directory of photographers here: http://www.banpas.co.uk/member/jess-evans-photography.

They also have a fabulous facebook page for pregnant and new parents here: https://www.facebook.com/BANPASforparents

I’d be delighted to chat to you about how I can create a beautiful gallery of images for your newborn and very happy to chat to you about how I do that safely. I book in families from their 20 week scan, so please contact me as soon as possible for booking and availability information.

I can’t wait to capture your beautiful new bundle in their tiniest form.