Babies & Beyond

These sessions are suitable for any child over the age of 6months (or earlier if sitting). I have a large range of setups, perfect for all ages. Your children grow so fast, and I want to make sure we document as much as we possibly can. Their personalities will shine through a gallery, and the images I capture can be printed a displayed in your home for years to come.


Your baby changes so much within the first year, hitting huge milestones along the way. All of a sudden, that tiny newborn has grown into a gorgeous, happy, bouncing bundle of smiles and its the perfect time to capture them. My baby sessions are perfect from around 6months+, when baby has strong head control, is more independent and full of precious smiles. I recommend booking before your little one is on the move, crawling or walking. But don’t worry if that tiny window has passed, I have plenty of experience with active little explorers!

These sessions usually last around an hour, but I will work to your babies schedule, to ensure we get those big, wide eyed smiles. I have a huge selection of props, and I am more than happy to work with you if you have things you’d like to interpret into your session. These are your photos, and I want them to be perfect for your family.

I like to keep baby photos very neutral and pure, so please dress baby is soft coloured clothing, such as creams, whites, pale blues, greys or pinks. We want eyes to be focused completely on them, so nothing too bold and distracting works best. I have a range of outfits for babies between 6-12 months which are I have hand selected to compliment my setups perfectly, which you are more than welcome to browse through when you arrive.

Over 12 months.

This age can sometimes be forgotten; your child is full of life, energy and probably a little bit of attitude too, but thats what I love about them! They have so much imagination, and I feel like it needs to be remembered. A personality can really shine through a photograph, and that is what I aim to capture in my sessions.

These sessions are very relaxed, with no real time frame. We interact, chat, play games and most importantly have fun! I understand that children, especially the younger ones, don’t always want to cooperate, which is why we take plenty of breaks in between, so they usually don’t even realise what I’m doing.


Again, I like to keep my images very neutral, so all the attention goes to your child. This is why I find natural, pale coloured clothing works best. Keep it simple. I also love the timeless black and white photographs. They show your child and their beautiful face, and nothing else. If this is something you’d like to include in your session, then please just let me know, and don’t forget a black t-shirt.

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